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NorthwindEntities1 db = new NorthwindEntities1();
var data = from item in db.Orders
join item2 in db.Order_Details on item.OrderID
equals item2.OrderID
item.CustomerID == settings.CustomerID
item.OrderDate >= settings.StartDate
item.OrderDate <= settings.EndDate
orderby item.OrderID ascending
select new { item.CustomerID, item.OrderID,item.OrderDate,
item2.UnitPrice, item2.Quantity };
return Json(data.ToArray());
GetOrders() takes one parameter of type OrderSettings . The OrderSettings class's properties match
those of the JSON object being sent from the client. This way, ASP.NET MVC automatically maps incoming
JSON object to the OrderSettings class. OrderSettings looks like this:
public class OrderSettings
public string CustomerID { get; set; }
public DateTime StartDate { get; set; }
public DateTime EndDate { get; set; }
A LINQ to Entities query then selects all the Order and Order Details records with matching
CustomerID and falling within the specified date range. The query returns a custom type that contains the
CustomerID , OrderID , and OrderDate properties from the Orders table and the Quantity and UnitPrice
properties from the Order Details table. The return type of GetOrders() is JsonResult . The Json() method
converts the query results into the equivalent JSON format.
That's it! You can now run the Order History view and test its functionality.
n Note While testing the Order History application, you may find that the worker thread completes too quickly if
the database is running on the local machine. For the sake of testing and confirming that the UI isn't blocked, you
can deliberately introduce some delay in the worker thread. As an alternative to adding a dummy do - while loop
that introduces delay, you can call the postMessage() method using the setTimeout() function, like this: var t
= setTimeout(postMessage, 10000, xhr.responseText); .
Traditional JavaScript code runs in the same thread as the UI. Due to this single-threaded nature, the UI is
blocked when JavaScript code is being executed. HTML5 web workers add multithreaded capabilities to
JavaScript. Using web workers, you can execute script files in the background. This way, the UI isn't
blocked while the script is running. Web workers can be a great help when a script is lengthy and long-
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