HTML and CSS Reference
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Add three folders to the application: Images , Media , and Scripts . These folders store images, media
files (audio/video), and script files, respectively. Place a few MP3 audio files and MP4 video files in the
Media folder. Also copy jQuery and Modernizr library files into the Scripts folder. Figure 1-21 shows the
Solution Explorer after setting up these folders.
n Note If you haven't downloaded the latest versions of the jQuery and Modernizr JavaScript libraries yet, you can
do so by visiting the respective web sites ( and ). Ke ep a copy of
these iles handy, because you use them in the examples throughout this topic. You can also access them from the
Microsoft Content Delivery Network (CDN); that way, you don't need to maintain a local copy of the files. Visit for more details.
Figure 1-21. Solution Explorer with script, audio, and video files
Adding a Master Page and a Content Page
After you create the project, add a master page to the web application using the Add New Item dialog
(Figure 1-22).
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