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Testing a Web Page in a Specific browserTesting
To ensure that your web page renders correctly in different browsers, you may need to run it in the
individual browsers. A feature of Visual Studio that comes handy in such situations is shown in Figure 1-18.
Figure 1-18. Running a web page in different browsers
The Run command on the standard toolbar shows a drop-down with all the browsers installed on a
machine. You can select any browser from the list, and Visual Studio will launch your web application in
the selected browser.
There is another way to browse HTML files in multiple browsers at once. If you right-click any HTML
file in Solution Explorer and select the Browse With menu option, a dialog opens as shown in Figure 1-19.
Figure 1-19. Selecting multiple browsers to view an HTML page
When you click Browse, the web page is launched in all the selected browsers.
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