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Figure 1-13. Configuring validation options
After you save the configuration, if you try to enter invalid HTML markup in a web page, the editor
shows it as a validation error. Figure 1-14 shows the error message that appears when attribute values
aren't enclosed in quotes.
Figure 1-14. Validation error shown by the HTML editor
Also note that if you set the Validation option to something other than HTML5 (say, HTML 4.01),
HTML5-specific tags (such as <canvas> , <audio> , and <video> ) won't appear in IntelliSense.
HTML5 Snippets
Another time-saving feature of the Visual Studio HTML editor is HTML5 snippets. HTML5 snippets add a
commonly used fragment of HTML5 markup to the web page you're editing. You can then customize the
fragment as needed. Figure 1-15 shows the HTML5 audio snippet in the IntelliSense window.
Figure 1-15. HTML5 snippet in IntelliSense
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