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Using the sessionStorage and localStorage Objects
In this section, you create the simple web form shown in Figure 7-1.
Figure 7-1. Simple web form using the localStorage object
The web form allows you to store key-value pairs in the localStorage object. It consists of two text
boxes in which the user can enter a key and a value, respectively. Clicking the Store Data button stores a
key and its value in the localStorage object. A list of all the keys and their values is shown in the bottom
table. Clicking the Clear Data button removes all the entries from the localStorage . Listing 7-1 shows how
the click event handlers of both buttons deal with the localStorage object.
Listing 7-1. Using the localStorage Object
var storage = window.localStorage;
$(document).ready(function () {
if (!Modernizr.localstorage) {
alert("This browser doesn't support HTML5 Local Storage!");
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