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buttons. You can do so using the formaction and formmethod attributes of the <input> element. Listing 5-17
shows how.
Listing 5-17. Setting a Form's Action and Method Using the <input> Ta g
<form action="/Home/Index" method="get">
<input id="btnSubmit" type="submit" value="Submit"
formmethod="post" />
The <form> tag's action attribute is set to /Home/Index , and its method attribute is set to get . You
override these defaults through the <input> tag by setting the formaction attribute to /Home/Index2 and
the formmethod attribute to post. Other Submit buttons on the form (if any) use the action and method as
specified at the form level.
Designing an Employee Data Form
Now it's time to put your knowledge of HTML5 form features to use and develop a complete form that
deals with data from a SQL Server database. In this section, you develop an ASP.NET Web Forms
application that inserts data into, updates data in, and deletes data from the Employees table of Northwind
database. The main form of the application is shown in Figure 5-21.
Figure 5-21. Employee data form
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