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Using the color input type is just a matter of setting the type attribute of an <input> element to color ,
as shown here:
<input id="color1" type="color" />
Once the user selects a color, the value of the <input> field returns the corresponding hexadecimal
color code. For example, selecting a white color returns #ffffff . By default, the color picker defaults to
black (#000000 ).
The search input type is intended to be used for search boxes. Currently, browsers don't provide anything
special for the search input type except a few display changes. For example, Chrome displays a cross (X) as
you start typing in the search box (see Figure 5-9). Clicking the X clears the search box.
Figure 5-9. Search input type in Chrome
Now that you know what new input types are available and how to use them in a web page, it's time to
see how you can use these input types in Web Forms and MVC views.
Using the New Input Types in Web Forms
In ASP.NET 4.5, you can set the TextMode property of a TextBox server control to the required input type.
Prior to ASP.NET 4.5, the TextMode property took only two values: SingleLine and MultiLine . In ASP.NET
4.5, however, all the new input types are supported, as is evident in Figure 5-10.
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