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• javax.naming
• javax.naming.event
• javax.naming.ldap
• javax.naming.spi
• javax.sql.rowset
• javax.sql.rowset.serial
• javax.sql.rowset.spi
• javax.xml.crypto
• javax.xml.crypto.dom
Despite not being the complete modularity solution we might have wished for, Pro‐
files are a significant step towards our future goals—both for capability-restricted
devices and for server-side developers.
Having Profiles actively deployed as part of Java 8 will help inform the conversation
around modularity and provide feedback into the development process of Java 9.
Java has changed a huge amount over the last 15+ years, and yet, the platform and
community remain vibrant. To have achieved this, while retaining a recognizable
language and platform, is no small accomplishment.
Ultimately, the continued existence and viability of Java depends upon the individ‐
ual developer. On that basis, the future looks bright, and we look forward to the
next wave, Java's 25th birthday, and beyond.
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