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Basic usage
javac some/package/
javac is the Java source code compiler—it produces bytecode (in the form of .class
files) from .java source files.
For modern Java projects, javac is not often used directly, as it is rather low-level
and unwieldy, especially for larger codebases. Instead, modern integrated develop‐
ment environments (IDEs) either drive javac automatically for the developer or
have built-in compilers for use while code is being written. For deployment, most
projects will make use of a separate build tool, such as Maven, Ant, or Gradle. Dis‐
cussion of these tools is outside the scope of this topic.
Nevertheless, it is useful for developers to understand how to use javac as there are
cases when compiling small codebases by hand is preferable to having to install and
manage a production-grade build tool such as Maven.
Common switches
Supplies classes we need for compilation.
-d some/dir
Tells javac where to output class files.
Load options and source files from the file project.list .
Help on options.
Help on nonstandard options.
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