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The point here is that java.lang.System.out.println() has a return type of void
(i.e., it does not return a value). However, jjs expects expressions to have a value
and, in the absence of a variable assignment, it will print it out. So the nonexistent
return value of println() is mapped to the JavaScript value null , and printed out.
Java programmers who are not familiar with JavaScript should
be aware that the handling of null and missing values in Java‐
Script is subtle, and in particular that null != undefined .
JavaScript functions and Java lambda expressions
The interoperability between JavaScript and Java goes to a very deep level. We can
even use JavaScript functions as anonymous implementations of Java interfaces (or
as lambda expressions). For example, let's use a JavaScript function as an instance of
the Callable interface (which represents a block of code to be called later). This has
only a single method, call() , which takes no parameters and returns void . In Nas‐
horn, we can use a JavaScript function as a lambda expression instead:
jjs > var clz = Java . type ( "java.util.concurrent.Callable" );
jjs > print ( clz );
[ JavaClass java . util . concurrent . Callable ]
jjs > var obj = new clz ( function () { print ( "Foo" ); } );
jjs > obj . call ();
The basic fact that is being demonstrated is that, in Nashorn, there is no distinction
between a JavaScript function and a Java lambda expression. Just as we saw in Java,
the function is being automatically converted to an object of the appropriate type.
Let's look at how we might use a Java ExecutorService to execute some Nashorn
JavaScript on a Java thread pool:
jjs > var juc = java . util . concurrent ;
jjs > var exc = juc . Executors . newSingleThreadExecutor ();
jjs > var clbl = new juc . Callable ( function (){
\ java . lang . Thread . sleep ( 10000 ); return 1 ; });
jjs > var fut = exc . submit ( clbl );
jjs > fut . isDone ();
jjs > fut . isDone ();
The reduction in boilerplate compared to the equivalent Java code (even with Java 8
lambdas) is quite staggering. However, there are some limitations caused by the
manner in which lambdas have been implemented. For example:
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