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Figure 9-1. Breaking apart a timestamp
The key concept here is that there are a number of different abstractions that might
be appropriate at different times. For example, there are applications where a Local
Date is key to business processing, where the needed granularity is a business day.
Alternatively, some applications require subsecond, or even millisecond precision.
Developers should be aware of their domain and use a suitable representation
within their application.
The date and time API can be a lot to take in at first glance, so let's start by looking
at an example, and discuss a diary class that keeps track of birthdays. If you happen
to be very forgetful about birthdays, then a class like this (and especially methods
like getBirthdaysInNextMonth() ) might be very helpful:
public class BirthdayDiary {
private Map < String , LocalDate > birthdays ;
public BirthdayDiary () {
birthdays = new HashMap <>();
public LocalDate addBirthday ( String name , int day , int month ,
int year ) {
LocalDate birthday = LocalDate . of ( year , month , day );
birthdays . put ( name , birthday );
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