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and use different directory separator characters. If you need to work with a file
or directory, have the user specify the filename, or at least the base directory
beneath which the file can be found. This specification can be done at runtime,
in a configuration file, or as a command-line argument to the program. When
concatenating a file or directory name to a directory name, use the File() con‐
structor or the File.separator constant.
Line separators
Different systems use different characters or sequences of characters as line
separators. Do not hardcode \n , \r , or \r\n as the line separator in your pro‐
gram. Instead, use the println() method of PrintStream or PrintWriter ,
which automatically terminates a line with the line separator appropriate for
the platform, or use the value of the line.separator system property. You can
also use the “%n” format string to printf() and format() methods of
java.util.Formatter and related classes.
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