HTML and CSS Reference
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This information could then be recovered from the page in a usable for-
mat by a web browser or a search engine. Of course, you may not want
the information to be more easily usable by computers; normal rules of
internet publishing apply.
You'll learn more about microdata in chapter 5 when
we look at the Microdata API, a convenient method
for extracting the data from a document. The next
section looks at how you can produce a valid HTML5
document by learning about the content model.
The HTML5 content model
The content model is somewhat theoretical, but it's important because
it's the main way of determining whether it's valid to use a certain ele-
ment at a particular place in your document. In HTML5 , elements are
split into categories. One element can be a member of several catego-
ries; it can also be a member of a category only in particular circum-
stances, such as when an attribute is given a certain value. In this
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