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programs that can be written are basic mathematical statements, so
we'll start with them. Open the JavaScript console in your preferred
web browser, and follow along with the examples.
In this section, you'll learn how basic arithmetic operations are repre-
sented in JavaScript. The examples are all shown in the Firefox Web
Console, but you should see the same results in any other browser.
Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication,
and division are written in much the same
way as they were in your high school
topic. The asterisk ( * ) is used to indicate
multiplication and the forward slash ( / )
division. Expressions and their values are
shown in the console output. Try typing a
few expressions and pressing Enter.
Programmers refer to numbers as operands
and symbols as operators . The entire com-
bination is called an expression . A sequence of expressions terminated
by a semicolon is a statement . The following diagram should help you
get the vocabulary straight.
2 + 2;
2 + 2 ;
Any number of operands and operators can be chained together, but
they're not evaluated left to right. Some operators are more important
than others and are always evaluated first.
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