HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Here are the key features of the Chrome console. All the examples in
this appendix should work in Chrome.
Chrome Console
Your input appears
alongside arrows
pointing right.
Output appears
on a line by
Errors are indicated
by an x.
Thanks to its extensible nature, Firefox has long relied on add-ons to fill
the developer tool gap, notably Firebug (discussed in a moment). Newer
versions of Firefox (since version 8) have developer tools built in.
Access these tools from the main
menu under Web Developer. For
now, either select Web Console or
press Ctrl+Shift+K.
The console monitors four things by
default: network requests (Net), CSS ,
JavaScript (JS) , and console logging
(Web Developer or Logging in newer
versions). You can turn them on and
off individually by clicking the but-
tons along the top of the console. In
this appendix, you may find it helpful
to turn off everything except Java-
Script and console logging.
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