HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Note that the <footer> element needs to have clear set even though it's
not floated. Nonfloated elements must also be cleared if they appear
below any floated elements; otherwise the floated elements will overlap
them. In this case, the footer would appear directly below the previous
nonfloated element, the header.
There's plenty more to CSS layout than this simple example can dem-
onstrate, but you now know the basics. As you see more complex lay-
outs and advanced approaches, you should be able to use the
knowledge you've gained here to work out what's going on.
Now you're up to speed with CSS, It's time to move on to the third key
web development technology: JavaScript. Whereas HTML and CSS are
naturally fixed after they're created at the server, JavaScript
allows you to manipulate web pages in the browser itself. The next
appendix will get you started creating these ''dynamic” web pages.
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