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a validator, so it's reasonable in some situations to ignore any advice
given if you know what you're doing. But while you're still learning,
it's all likely to be good advice.
Browser tools
In addition to websites to help you write markup, all major web brows-
ers come with built-in tools for analyzing what's going on with your
markup. These differ in the details but all work in broadly the same
fashion. In this section the screenshots come from Opera but instruc-
tions are given for all major browsers.
The easiest way to activate the tools
in Opera, Chrome, and Safari is to
right-click the area of the page
you're interested in and select
Inspect Element.
In Firefox, look for the Web
Developer menu option, and select
Inspect. You can activate IE 's tools
by pressing the F12 key or by
selecting Developer Tools from
the Tools menu.
The tools open with a tree view of
the markup, similar to the tree dia-
grams in the opening sections of this
appendix. Use this to highlight ele-
ments you're interested in and check
that the tree structure the browser
has built corresponds to what you
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