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But in browsers that don't support SVG ,
such as IE8 shown in the screenshot
here, the content of the <object> element
is shown instead. Unlike <img> , <object>
can have as many descendants as you
need. The descendants are known as the
fallback content .
In this case, an obvious option is to
make the fallback content another
image, except this time one that IE8
does support:
width="252px" height="356px">
IE8 users will miss out on some of the
advanced possibilities enabled by SVG ,
such as perfect scaling to any resolution,
but they'll still see appropriate content.
If you have no plans to take advantage of the additional capabilities of
SVG , you're better off sticking to a standard image format in an <img>
element. But outside of simple examples in topics, the <object> element
also allows the extension of the browser with plug-ins. A plug-in is an
external program with support for a particular file type or technology. It
registers the types of files it can support with the browser and, when the
browser comes across an object element specifying one of these file
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