HTML and CSS Reference
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The components of hypertext
HTML is a language for describing hypertext documents. Hypertext
documents are made up of headings, paragraphs, bulleted lists, and,
importantly, links to other hypertext documents; it's the links that con-
stitute the hyper part of hypertext. In this section, we'll look at things
from the bottom up, starting with how an HTML document indicates
the existence of a paragraph or a heading before combining everything
to make a document. The following diagram shows the concepts that
make up HTML , from simple components on the left to complete docu-
ments on the right.
Tags, elements, and attributes
A tag is a bit of text that acts as a point demarcation. To create a tag,
HTML gives certain characters special meaning: the angle brackets
< and > .
Putting characters within angle brack-
ets creates a tag. You can see in this
diagram that there are two tags, <h1>
and </h1> : a start tag and an end tag.
An end tag always matches a start tag,
except that it has a slash after the
opening angle bracket.
The combination of a start tag and an
end tag defines an element . Everything
between the two tags is referred to as
the contents of the element.
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