HTML and CSS Reference
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which the entire web relies. You'll see how web developers have
pushed the boundaries of what's possible with HTML4 and CSS2 to
create the need for new standards, and you'll learn about how many of
the common issues that today's web developers encounter can be
solved easily in HTML5 and CSS3 .
In the beginning
In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee was thinking about the difficulties scientists
at CERN encountered when sharing their papers and research results.
Each had tools for writing papers and other documentation on their
own computers, but CERN was mostly populated by researchers visit-
ing from the universities that employed them. They brought their own
computers with them, so there was a wide variety of different comput-
ers, each with unique documents. If you wanted a document from a fel-
low researcher's computer, then it was likely you'd either need to learn
to use a different computer or program than you were used to, or you'd
need to transform the output of your colleague's software to make it
compatible with your own. Berners-Lee had written several of these
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