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It's often difficult to distinguish an
uppercase letter O from a zero. In fonts
used in things like text editors, the zero
will have a slash through it to make it
more distinctive. Calluna has both a reg-
ular and a slashed zero. The slashed zero
can be enabled with the zero feature:
font-feature-settings: "zero";
Historical forms can give an authentic
old look to your text. For instance, in
days of yore, the current form for s was
only used at the end of words. It was nor-
mal to use a long s at the start and in the
middle of words. You can enable the long
s in Calluna with the hist feature:
font-feature-settings: "hist";
Fonts can also contain stylistic alter-
nates—usually more decorative versions
of certain characters. Calluna has just
one set of stylistic alternates, which con-
tains only two glyphs. Turn on stylistic
alternates by setting salt to on:
font-feature-settings: "salt";
The Calluna font used so far for the examples doesn't have much in the
way of historical forms or stylistic alternatives. Let's switch to the
ME galopolis Extra font, which has plenty of both.
Here's a sample paragraph
with no special typographic
formatting. The code fol-
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