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different sets of numerals, and in this
case the tabular set is more useful:
font-feature-settings: "tnum";
Now you can see immediately that the
largest value number is the second one.
The numbers in the previous examples
are designed to look natural when used
in a paragraph of text, with ascenders
and descenders like regular letters. You
may prefer to have the numbers be a
more consistent height; these are known
as lining numerals:
font-feature-settings: "lnum";
The default that's being overridden here
is Old Style Numerals, which can be
selected with the short code "onum".
Calluna allows you to combine the tabu-
lar and lining properties:
"tnum", "lnum";
Calluna also has a special set of ligatures
for fractions:
font-feature-settings: "frac";
The column on the left is the normal ren-
dering of the text; the fractions are typed
with a slash as in 1/2 . The column on the
right has fractions turned on; the three
letters have been replaced with a single
glyph representing the fraction.
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