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h1 {
font-family:"Monosten C", Courier, monospace;
7 Here's my example page in action
using the previous code. See the
full listing in ch11/fontservices-
fontdeck.html. You'll need to edit
the example file to insert your
own style sheet link to Fontdeck;
otherwise you won't be able to
download the fonts.
Advanced web typography
Even with a working @font-face directive, control over fonts on the
web is still far behind what you might see in a typical desktop-publish-
ing program or design package. CSS3 goes beyond letting web devel-
opers control which fonts appear on their web pages: it also offers
features for controlling the details of how those fonts are rendered.
As you saw earlier, one of the issues
with fonts on the web is that, should
the primary font be unusable for
some reason, the fallback font may
have different size characteristics.
Fonts that are nominally of the same
size can have visible differences in
weight; this is the case because the
measure of a font depends on the
height of the letters including any
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