HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
search by font name or tag. For
this example, look for Monosten,
which is under Slab Serif >
Monospaced. Either browse to
the font or search for it.
4 On the page for Monosten, look
for the A (regular) and C (bold)
variants and click the Add to
Website link alongside them.
5 You should see a banner at the
top of the page with a link that
says Grab the Code for This
Font—go ahead and click it.
6 You're presented with a page that
has code you can copy and paste
into your pages. The code I got is
shown next; I changed the CSS
slightly to apply to the body and
level-one headings.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="
type="text/css" />
body {
font-family:"Monosten A", Courier, monospace;
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