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See the full example listing in ch11/fontservices-google.html.
Subscription font services: Fontdeck
The Google service is straightforward and available at an excellent
price—nothing—but this strength is also a weakness. Google can only
offer free fonts for download through its service. If the fonts you want
to use aren't available, you'll have to look into one of the subscription
services; several such services are now available.
This example looks at Fontdeck
( ) because it
allows you to try the fonts for free
and I already have an account.
2 You need to provide an email
address to register, and then you
set up a website. This is as simple
as typing in a name and one or
more domain names.
The first 20 distinct IP addresses
to access your website will be
allowed to download any fonts
you choose free of charge, so you
can use Fontdeck to test fonts and
even demonstrate them to clients
without financial outlay.
3 After you've set up a website, you
need to choose some fonts. These
are arranged by category—serif,
sans-serif, and so on—or you can
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