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And combining that with an offset
can create a 3D feel to match your
box shadows:
rgb(51,51,51) 0px 6px 6px;
Multiple shadows work as well:
rgb(51,0,0) 6px 0px,
rgb(0,0,51) 0px 6px;
But be careful, because it's easy to
create completely unreadable text:
rgb(51,0,0) 6px 0px 3px,
rgb(0,0,51) 0px 6px 3px;
In most cases, you'll want to keep
your text shadows small and
You can use negative values for
offset-x and offset-y . Doing so
allows for some interesting
pseudo-3D effects if you set the
text color to be the same as the
background color:
color: rgb(255,255,255);
rgb(51,51,51) -1px -1px;
After drop shadows, the effect most beloved of graphic designers
in the last decade is rounded corners. For a long time web
authors have been using a number of approaches (or hacks) to
create boxes with rounded corners. They're such a useful effect
that CSS3 provides a way to make them without any of these hacks.
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