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But you can put transition-duration on the hover state. In this case, it
will only apply as the element enters the hover state. When the element
leaves hover , it immediately snaps back to the starting position—a
duration of zero.
This is the critical bit of code from listing ch09/transitions-4.html:
div:hover div { transition-duration: 10s; }
You can also put transition-duration on both states. In the next exam-
ple, the transition lasts 10 seconds as it enters the hover state and 5 sec-
onds as it exits.
The duration for exiting the hover state is specified on the rule without
the :hover :
div div { transition-duration: 5s; }
div:hover div { transition-duration: 10s; }
See the complete example in listing ch09/transitions-5.html.
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