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This is followed by three
empty <div> elements, all with
a class of region . You'll flow
the content into these three
empty <div> elements.
<div id="region1" class="region">
<div id="region2" class="region">
<div id="region3" class="region">
<img src="00092.jpg" class="video">
<img src="dust-puppy.png"
The magic happens in the
CSS . First the source <div> is
assigned to flow1 . Then the
declaration for elements with a
class of region says to take the
content for these elements
from the flow that has just
been defined.
The remainder of the CSS
positions the region elements
on the page as shown earlier.
Check out ch08/regions-
1.html file for the full code.
flow-into: flow1;
.region {
flow-from: flow1;
Making complex shapes with CSS3 Exclusions and Shapes
The CSS3 Exclusions specification allows you to wrap content in and
around complex shapes. This spec was also born out of Adobe's pro-
posals; initially it was for shaping the regions now in the CSS3 Regions
specification. The following layout can be achieved with a tweak to the
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