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Adobe is a W3C member and has decided to give similar capabilities to
web authors—this fulfills a dual goal of making web layout more pow-
erful for web designers while making it easier for Adobe to generate
content straight to the web from its print-publishing tools. To this end
they have proposed the CSS3 Regions module. Adobe has helped
implement support for their proposal in WebKit, and IE10 also has pre-
liminary support. Here's an example page layout created with the new
Regions module.
The previous screenshot
shows three text boxes. The
diagram at right outlines each
box explicitly. The content in
the boxes flows between them
without having to be assigned
to one box or another as
would normally be required
on a web page.
The HTML contains four <div>
elements. The <div> with id
value source contains all the
content: a set of four para-
<div id="source">
<p>I never am really
<p>In almost every
<p>Many persons who...</p>
<p>The Analytical Engine...</p>
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