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For collections of elements that do have an intrinsic width, flexboxes
offer an ability that can't be replicated by tables, display: table , float s,
or inline-block : they can create flexible grids that can have a variable
number of elements per row, as with float s and inline-block , but the
individual elements flex so they exactly fill up each row, as with table
rows and display: table . This is thanks to the multiline property. The
following example has a grid of 60 cells, each containing a number.
At different widths, a different number
of elements fit on each row. If you zoom
in on a few cells, you can see that they're
also slightly different widths depending
on the size of the container.
Following is a snippet of the markup (left) and the CSS (right)
required for this layout. The key property is box-lines :
ul {
display: box;
box-lines: multiple;
li {
display: block;
box-flex: 1;
min-width: 3em;
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