HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Layout with CSS3
This chapter covers
￿ inline-block and table display values from CSS2
￿ calc and box-sizing properties that make CSS2 layout more manageable
￿ Media queries to give different CSS to different devices
￿ New CSS3 layout modules: templates, grids, and regions
Many people have complained over the years about the poor tools avail-
able for layout in CSS . This isn't an unwarranted criticism, because CSS1
had almost no layout tools. No one anticipated that people would start to
do graphic design with web pages until it happened. Several options were
added in CSS2 , most of which didn't see broad browser support until the
release of IE8 in 2009. Given that it's taken so long for CSS2 layout to be
supported, support for CSS3 layout modules got off to a slow start; but
recently there's been a lot of activity. This chapter covers both the old fea-
tures of CSS2 that haven't seen much use and the new features in CSS3
that browsers are just starting to support.
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