HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Add a simple menu:
<a href="#one">Show one</a>
<a href="#two">Show two</a>
<a href="#three">Show three</a>
<a href="#four">Show four</a>
Initially all the tabs are hidden, so all
you see is the menu and an empty
Clicking the Show Two link changes
the URL to http://host/target.html#two .
Now #two is the target. Thanks to the
target selector, the element with id
value two becomes display: block
instead of display: none .
Clicking Show Four changes the
target again: the element with an id
value of four becomes visible.
Now that you've seen all the new features, let's check out what
browser support they have. You may be pleasantly surprised.
Browser support
Browser support for CSS3 selectors is excellent across modern brows-
ers. The main issue in browser support is the large numbers of people
still using obsolete versions of Internet Explorer. As you'll see, it's easy
to add support for these old browsers using jQuery.
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