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The file dust-puppy-3.png is fetched from
the server even though it isn't listed in the
opening section of the manifest file.
When offline-3-b.html is visited, it looks the
same as before. Because the server is still
running, the example-3.png image is loaded
as normal.
But if the web server is stopped and the page
reloaded, then, depending on browser set-
tings, the dust-puppy-3.png fallback image
is shown instead.
The significant browser settings are the ones
to do with caching outside of the application
cache. The browser may still choose to show
the image out of the browser cache even
when the server's unavailable—see the side-
bar “Beware the browser cache” for a dis-
cussion of this issue. If the fallback image
isn't shown when the page is reloaded, try a
hard reload: Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Linux.
Listing ch06/offline-example/offline-4.appcache has a few more new
example-4.png dust-puppy-4.png
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