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After the user accepts, the browser looks up the location. When it finds
the location, the function is called and the coordinates are displayed.
Finding your location more accurately
Notice that the two screenshots at the end of the previous section are
reporting different coordinates—they're about two miles apart. At the
time when these were taken, my phone and my laptop were lying side
by side on the same table—considerably closer than two miles! This
discrepancy is because the browser on my laptop and the browser on
my phone use different location service providers. There are four com-
mon ways of identifying location.
Geolocation options
Cell tower
wi - fi
address database
￿Very accurate (1-20m)
in open space
￿Can be slow to
acquire satellite
￿Accuracy (20-200m)
depends on cell
tower spacing
￿Needs mobile signal
￿Very accurate (10-15m)
in urban areas
￿Needs network
connection for
￿Not accurate (1000-40000m)
￿Works on desktops
￿Needs network
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