HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Network and location APIs
This chapter covers
￿ Finding the user's location and proximity to places and people of interest
￿ Communicating directly with content from other servers
￿ Having the server push information to the user rather than rely on pull
￿ Building websites that work when there's no network connectivity
The previous chapter discussed HTML5 API s that worked directly with
the content in the browser, but one of the key features of the web is that
it's not about standalone computers: it's about a connected network.
HTML5 has a number of API s related to connectivity and communication,
and you'll learn about them in this chapter.
Again, the examples in this chapter rely on a basic understanding
of JavaScript. Read appendix D first if you need more help. Or, if
you're more of a designer than a developer, skip ahead to chapter 7,
where we start to look in detail at CSS3.
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