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appointments, and licenses. In this section, we'll look at how to use the
microdata API and then consider some useful applications.
So far, only Opera has implemented this API , although a Firefox
implementation is in progress.
Using a single microdata format
Here's a simple example of contact information marked up with micro-
data using the hCard vocabulary. This code, along with the script that
follows, is available in ch05/microdata-api-1.html:
<div id="aj" itemscope
<h1 itemprop="fn">
<meta itemprop="n" content="AJ">
<img itemprop="photo" alt="AJ"
cartoons/aj/headshot_aj.gif" >
<a itemprop="email" href="">
With a little added CSS , you can make the
item take on a business card-like appear-
ance, as shown at right.
Now let's look at how the item data can be
extracted with the microdata API . The
first step is to get a list of all the items in
the document:
var md = document.getItems();
The getItems() method returns a NodeList that represents all the top-
level items in the document. This NodeList has three useful properties:
itemType —Tells you what sort of item has been found. In this case,
you're expecting it to be as per
the itemtype attribute in the source.
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