HTML and CSS Reference
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update is enough to demonstrate the concept. Let's see what happens
when the user visits the page.
The user starts on their home
page and decides to visit the
amazing Click Me application
they've heard about.
They type in the URL or fol-
low a link from an email to get
to the Click Me page.
3 After a few seconds of enjoy-
able interaction, the page state
has changed several times.
But when the user clicks the
Back button in the browser,
they find that instead of going
back to a previous page state,
they leap to their home page.
The doclick() function can be updated to take advantage of the history
API . Each time the page is updated it will also set the location.hash :
function doclick() {
location.hash = times;
document.getElementById('message').innerHTML =
'Recorded <b>' + times + '</b> clicks';
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