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Notice that for this example, rather than writing your own code to val-
idate the email address, you take advantage of the HTML5 form-valida-
tion API (see chapter 2 for more details).
A big feature of desktop applications is the ability to drag and
drop—blocks of text, images, and files. We've become used to being
able to select what we want with the mouse, drag it where we want
it to be, and drop it. In the next section, we'll look at the HTML5
API that brings drag—and—drop to web applications.
Natural user interaction with drag-and-drop
Drag-and-drop is a metaphor familiar on
your desktop computers—you've probably
used it for sorting files into folders, adding
attachments to emails, and opening a file in a
particular program. It's therefore useful when
writing web applications to support this drag-
and-drop metaphor both within your applica-
tion and as an interaction method with other
content on the user's computer. This function-
ality is provided in HTML5 in the drag-and-
drop API .
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