HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The spellcheck attribute is just
a suggestion; user preferences
are allowed to override every-
thing. If you look at the previ-
ous example in Firefox, you'll
see that the spellcheck is
active even though the attri-
bute is set to false .
Saving the edited content
The contenteditable attribute only lets you edit the content in the page; it
doesn't change the file stored on a web server. Although you could save the file
locally to preserve the changes, to make this work as part of a content-manage-
ment system (CMS) you would need to use JavaScript to get the results back to
the server.
So far, we've only looked at what's achievable without JavaScript. For
more advanced formatting, like setting text to bold or italic, or adding
links, you have to start taking advantage of the API , as we'll discuss in
the next section.
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