HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Browser-based APIs
This chapter covers
￿ Directly editing page content with contentEditable
￿ Simulating desktop-like interactions with the drag-and-drop API
￿ Convenient access to semantic metadata with the microdata API
￿ How to not break the Back button with the history API
￿ Keeping web apps responsive with web workers
This chapter looks at HTML5 application programming interfaces ( API s)
that work “in browser”—that is, API s that work directly with loaded web
pages rather than accessing the network or web and relying on server
To follow the examples in this chapter, you'll need to have a basic
understanding of JavaScript. Read appendix D first if you need
more help. Or, if you're more of a designer than a developer, skip
ahead to chapter 7, where we start to look in detail at CSS3.
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