HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
allowed attributes, then the various encoding issues, and finally how to
convert between file formats
The sample video
The sample video used in this section's examples is of the au-
thor playing American football. Because this video was taken
by the author's mother, we can neatly sidestep any issues in-
volving media distribution rights.
<video> element attributes
The <video> element supports the same attributes as the
<audio> element, with similar results. This section
quickly runs through them in the same way as the sec-
tion on audio.
The basic <video> element looks like this:
<video src="00092.webm"></video>
A <video> element without controls is a lit-
tle more interesting than the equivalent
<audio> element because you at least have
the first frame of the video to look at. This
screenshot was taken in Firefox; Opera
and Chrome should work just as well for
the WebM format.
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