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Well, there are issues
once you hit a certain threshold in
the number of objects, but SVG has
other advantages.
Is true. But browser DOM
is beink too heavyweight. Is good
that I am choosing own object
model in <canvas> when mappink
several thousands of minions.
The next two screenshots
show the effect of zooming in
eight times on a <canvas>
element compared to an SVG
Ya. Natural vectors is beink nice
feature. But beink practical, can
just be resizink and redrawink
<canvas> element to be matchink
page dimensions.
True, but why
make extra work
for yourself?
SVG has other advantages: for
instance, it's easier to integrate it
with other web content. Also, the
declarative style of SVG may be more
comfortable for web authors whose
strengths lie in HTML and CSS.
Have been discussink this before. Am
not believink markup monkeys is beink
the same think as real developers.
Not all web authors need to be hard core
developers. There are other benefits to the
object model and declarative markup—SVG
will be much easier to make accessible.
Is true, but again beink practical, no
browser is supportink accessibility
features in SVG yet.
Sounds like a good time to look at
browser support for <canvas> and SVG.
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