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FIGURE 2.1: Creating a new Java project.
will create some default code. However, we will write all the code from scratch. Also, please
make sure that Set As Main Project is selected. This will guarantee that the new project
is the main project (i.e., the project that will be executed when the green forward arrow is
clicked). As a last step, click the Finish button.
Next, we need to create the Java files. For now, our code will consist of a single file.
In the project menu, expand the project HelloWorld and right-click on Source Packages .
Select New and then Java Class .Type Main as the name of the class. Enter helloworld
as the package name; see Figure 2.3. Click the Finish button.
A new file is created. It should contain roughly the following text.
package helloworld ;
public class Main
The only difference between this file and the file you will see will be the comments .
Comments are usually written in a natural language, such as English. They are meant to be
read by other humans and not by computers. Comments have no effect on how the program
is executed. There are two ways to create comments. A one-line comment is created by
typing // followed by some text description. Consider the following code.
package helloworld ;
public class Main {
public static void main(String args []) {
// start of program
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