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if the order is to go. When the user finishes describing the order, they should press the
order button. As a result, a modal dialog box should appear. A textual description of
the order should appear in the dialog box.
12.17 Lab
Modify the Yahtzee game from Chapter 5 to use a GUI. Five dice should be displayed
in a window. The user should use check boxes to select which dice to reroll. The actual
rolling should happen by pressing the Roll button. The user should be allowed two rerolls.
After that, a modal dialog box should appear that informs the user whether he or she got
Yahtzee or not. Search images from the Internet for the 6 values of the dice (i.e., 1 through
6). That is, display a picture of a die with 3 on top instead of displaying the number 3. Try
to make the game as intuitive as possible by adding labels where needed.
12.18 Project
Modify the banking software from the Chapter 8 project to use GUI components. The
new program should support all the functionality of the old program. In addition, add user
authentication. For example, the bank employee should log into the system. They can select
from a menu item that they want to perform a withdraw. The bank employee should then
type in the ID of the customer (or the name) and press search. If the customer has multiple
accounts, then a combo box should list all the accounts. The bank employee should select
the account on which to perform the transaction from the combo box. Next, the teller
should use a radio button to select if the transaction is withdraw or deposit. In addition,
the system should support adding a new employee, adding a new customer, a new bank
account, and so on. Use dialog boxes where appropriate. Try to use most GUI components
that were described in this chapter. Most operations in the system can be initiated through
menu items.
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