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FIGURE 12.5: Example of a check box.
12.8 Check Boxes
Next, we will examine how to add check boxes to our Notepad application. A check box
can be either checked on unchecked. In our example, we will add check boxes to selected
whether the font should be bold and whether it should be italic; see Figure 12.5.
A check box can be created by calling the constructor for the JCheckBox class. One
possible input to the constructor is the text that is to be displayed next to the check box.
A check box is similar to a button and an action listener can be associated with it. The
isSelected method can be used to examine if the check box is selected. The modified
version of the code is shown next.
import java .awt .
import java .awt. event .
import javax . swing . ;
public class Test {
public static void main(String [] args)
NotepadFrame f = new NotepadFrame () ;
f . setVisible( true );
class NotepadFrame extends JFrame
private static int WIDTH = 600;
private static int HEIGHT = 600;
public NotepadFrame ()
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