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paddle .draw(g2) ;
if (gameStarted) {
player .draw(g2) ;
public void changeBallSpeed( int speed)
timer . setDelay(speed) ;
} ...
The setDelay method of the Timer class changes the delay of the timer. The color of
the ball is changed by calling the changeColor method on the Ball class. Note that the
Ball class actually does not have a changeColor method, and therefore the changeColor
method of the BreakoutShape superclass is called. The stickmen are drawn only when the
game has started.
Note that the start and stop methods are careful about the value of the variable timer .
For example, the variable is initially equal to null when the program started. Therefore,
the pause method needs to check that the variable is not equal to null before it stops
the timer. Conversely, the start method needs to make sure that there is no timer that is
currently running. If there is such a timer, then it is stopped before creating and starting
the new timer.
If we run the program so far, we can use the menu to change the color of the ball, the
speed of the ball, and to start and stop the game. The only thing that is left to do is add
the bricks.
11.7 Adding the Bricks
As a last step, let us add the bricks to the game. Every time before we move the ball, we
will now check that the virtual ball will not intersect one or more of the bricks. If it does,
then the ball needs to bounce off the bricks. Note that in the current setup, the virtual ball
can intersect at most two of the bricks. First, let us consider the new Brick class.
public class Brick extends BreakoutShape
private static final int HEIGHT = 1 0 ;
private static final int WIDTH = 3 0 ;
private static final int BRICK H GAP = 2 ;
private static final int BRICK V GAP = 2 ;
public Brick( int row , int col , Color color) {
super ( new Rectangle2D .Double(BRICKH GAP + row
B r i c k . WIDTH) , BRICK V GAP + c o l
(BRICK V GAP + B r i c k . HEIGHT) ,
c o l o r , true );
private Brick(Rectangle2D rectangle , Color color )
super (rectangle , color , true );
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