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9. What are the differences between an abstract class and an interface?
8.18 Lab
Create a program that keeps track of students and their advisors. Your program will
have a Test class, a Student class, an Advisor class, and a Person class. The Student and
Advisor classes should inherit from the abstract Person class. The Person class should
implement the interface Comparable in order to allow the use of Collections.sort to sort
its elements. Remember that an interface is similar to a class, but it contains only method
definitions and no method bodies. A class implements rather than extends an interface.
Implementing an interface means that the subclass will implement all the methods in the
interface. The interface Comparable contains the single compareTo method. The objects of
every class that implements the interface Comparable can be sorted because the compareTo
method can be called on them. People should be compared based on their names. Here are
the variables and methods of each class.
public abstract class Person implements Comparable < Person > :
private String name
public Person(String name)
public String toString()
public int compareTo(Person other )
public String getName ()
public class Advisor extends Person :
private ArrayList < Student > students
public Advisor(String name)
public String listStudents() //returns the advisor ' s
// students sorted by name
public void addStudent(Student s)
public String toString()
public class Student extends Person
private Advisor advisor
public Student(String name, Advisor advisor )
public String listAdvisor() //returns the student ' s advisor
Note that the constructor of the Student class needs to add the new student to the list
of students for the specified advisor. Create an ArrayList<Person> in the main method
of the Test class to store the current list of people. You can populate the ArrayList with
example values (i.e., you do not have to read them from the keyboard). When students
are printed, their name and the name of their advisor should appear. When advisors are
printed, their name and the names of their students (in sorted order) should appear. Sort
the elements in the ArrayList of people and print them.
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