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FIGURE 8.4: Example of multiple inheritance.
class Student extends Person {
class TeachingAssistant extends Teacher {
Student studentSuperObject ;
Of course, this design is not perfect and will prevent us from using some Java features
related to inheritance, such as polymorphism. However, since Java does not support multiple
inheritance, we have no choice but to simulate it using class containment.
8.4 Constructors of Subclasses
Let us go back to our superhero and villain example. If we add an empty and non-empty
constructors to the FictionalCharacter class, then we get the following version of the
public class FictionalCharacter
private String name;
public FictionalCharacter () {
} public FictionalCharacter(String name) {
this .name = name;
public String getName ()
return name ;
} public void setName( String name) {
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