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as president or vice president of several engineering student organizations and honor societies, and he has
worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant and researcher in computational fluid dynamics. Mr.
Barton plans to pursue a master's degree in aerospace engineering next fall.
MICHAEL H. MOLONEY is the director of the SSB and the ASEB at the NRC. Since joining the NRC
in 2001, Dr. Moloney has served as a study director at the National Materials Advisory Board, the Board
on Physics and Astronomy (BPA), the Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design, and the Center
for Economic, Governance, and International Studies. Before joining the SSB and ASEB in April 2010,
he was associate director of the BPA and study director for the Astro2010 decadal survey for astronomy
and astrophysics. In addition to his professional experience at the NRC, Dr. Moloney has more than 7
years' experience as a foreign-service officer for the Irish government and served in that capacity at the
Embassy of Ireland in Washington, D.C., the Mission of Ireland to the United Nations in New York, and
the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin, Ireland. A physicist, Dr. Moloney did his graduate Ph.D.
work at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. He received his undergraduate degree in experimental physics
at University College Dublin, where he was awarded the Nevin Medal for Physics.
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