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In-Depth Information
of what a JavaScript MV* framework is and does. I will not go into details on how well
each framework implements the original Smalltalk MVC pattern, rather the discussions
focus on how each framework synchronizes data from the server to the client and vice
Choosing the right framework and using it well comes down to knowing
what you need. Beyond the five frameworks I review in this section,
there are many others you can use in your application. Weigh out the
pros and cons of each one, and find the right development model for
your targeted application.
Backbone.js is today's framework of choice, and for good reason; an impressive list of
brands, such as Foursquare, Posterous, Groupon ( Figure 4-10 ), and many others have
built JavaScript applications with Backbone.
Figure 4-10. Groupon uses Backbone
Backbone uses Underscore.js heavily and gives developers the options of using jQuery
or Zepto for the core DOM framework. It also boasts a healthy community and strong
word of mouth ( Figure 4-11 ).
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